Managed by AJPC (All Japan Poker Championship)

New Overseas Poker Tournament Tour

“AJPC SAMURAI CIRCUIT” will utilize the history and experience of the overseas event “AJPC ASIAN CIRCUIT” to hold tournaments in countries around the world [Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the Philippines, Macao, etc. planned] under a new concept.



1.Poker tournaments held all over the world outside of Asia

・We will hold an event for the purpose of poker players’ global expansion and success.

2.Local support by Japanese staff

・For those who are worried about trying overseas for the first time or traveling, local AJPC staff will provide generous support.

3.Full promotion of how Japanese poker players are active overseas

・Provide a place where you can enjoy playing against famous players for each series.

・A wealth of side events and a structure that allows you to play carefully.

・You can further improve your skills by participating in many famous overseas players.

Based on the above concept, we aim to be a tournament organization for the further advancement of poker players, not only in Japan.